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Meet a Violent Homewrecker Meet a Violent Homewrecker “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” A women rejected in love can be dangerous. In the article, Watch “Homewrecker” Penguin Defend His New Abode, By Delaney Chambers, November 5, 2016, in nationalgeographic.com: “Penguins are known for fidelity to their mates. An average of 72% of
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Meet the Homewrecker Meet the Homewrecker Some homewreckers are professionals. The home wreckers on purpose attempts to steal some Else’s lover away. Sometimes the home wrecker will even brag on Facebook, that they stole someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. The homewrecker FB pages applies to many. A serial home wrecker, dis attaches themselves from their morality,
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How to end an affair

Ending an Affair Ending an Affair At first, an affair incites thrills and excitement. But, half way into an office affair results in heavy anxiety. The doubts and complications in an affair shoulder heavy stress. As a result, individuals begin to rely on alcohol and or drugs. Ending an affair depends on the situation. Ask
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