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Are You in an Emotional Affair? No Intercourse Required!!!

An emotional affair called an affair of the heart or emotional intimacy. No emotional affairIntercourse Required! Mostly, an emotional affair excludes physical intimacy-no intercourse. Basically a person experiences a mental affair in the mind.

A husband and wive feels a strong emotional affair with an other person and not have physical contact. More emotional affairs occur than real physical affairs. Sometimes an emotional affair can be in the form of crush. However, the problem is when the emotional affair turns into physical, then the other person does not feel the same. And as result can be a disorder.

In a monogamous relationship, if the other partner finds out of an external emotional affair, then it is called an emotional infidelity. At times, an emotional affair can be healthy; however, as if a monogamous partner finds out, then it turns into an emotional infidelity.

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Emotional affairs are very tricky. Sure an emotional affair can turn into a sexual affair, but not necessarily. Learn about homewreckers.

Emotional affair                                                         Emotional affair

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3 Sure Signs of an Emotional Affair- “Emotional affairs are very real things.emotional affair In fact, over half of all emotional affairs start out innocently as online friendships. More than 70 percent of those friendships or flirtations will end up as real time affairs.

So how do you know if you are having an emotional affair?

It typically starts out as a friendship, so it can be confusing to discern when things become inappropriate or unacceptable. The important thing is to determine where your friendship crosses the line. It’s a slippery slope from friend to emotional affair and then to secretive sexual relationship.” Read More
I Was The Other Woman In An Emotional Affair- “Emotional affair. I’d never paid much attention to the term. Why would I? I’ve never been attracted to emotional affairmen who are attached. I have also never forgotten to floss, started my car without my seatbelt on, nor returned a library book late.

My 12-year marriage ended as a result of my husband having an affair, so you could also say that I pride myself on being a bit of a fidelity snob. A “home wrecker hater,” if you will. Even now, I won’t so much as have coffee with a man who hasn’t been divorced for at least a year. Please respect your last relationship by not using me to get over it, thank you. See? Rules, I follow. Boundaries, I have.” Read More By Aubrielle Marin
August 4, 2014 Mindbodygreen.com/

Are You Having an Emotional Affair?   “But a little over a year into our working relationship, something changed. One day, John let down his guard with me and I responded, I suppose in part because I couldn’t help but be curious about his mostly hidden soft side. Our conversations turned to easy banter and later — I have a hard time admitting this even now — flirtation.”Read More Heather Johnson Durocher 4/17/07 Redbookmag.com

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10 Signs You’re Having An Emotional Affair- “You’re just friends. You love your husband. It’s not like there’s anything going on. It’s not physical. You just emotional affairget each other — in fact you help each other understand your own spouses better!” Read More Jenny Erikson on CafeMom’s blog 03/10/2014 Huffingtonpost.com

The Truth About Emotional Affairs – “Does any of this sound familiar? Does your spouse have a relationship with someone that makes you feel uncomfortable? He or she may flatly deny any inappropriate interactions. You can’t help but wonder whether the relationship is physical and your thoughts have been driving you crazy. You try to tell yourself that sex, touching or kissing isn’t part of what they do together, but your instincts say something else.” Read More Michele Weiner-Davis 10/18/12 Huffingtonpost.com

Emotional Affairs: Why They Hurt So Much- “In a blink, a work email replaces the previous one. Why the abrupt switch? What is being hidden? The internet is making it possible for many to find long lost loves, relationships discarded in the past that nevertheless hold elements of remembered magic. Sometimes these email exchanges are workplace relationships or casual acquaintances that have become something more.” Read More published by Wendy Lustbader M.S.W. on Jun 30, 2014 in Life Gets Better Psychologytoday.com