Who the hell is a homewrecker? What is the motivation of a homewrecker? When you are going through a separation, why can’t Homewreckerpeople just mine their own business? A homewrecker is a person who has an affair with someone’s spouse or domestic partner. In essence the homewrecker destroys or breaks up a relationship. He or she breaks up a relationship without scruples, and basically just screws it all up.

Some homewreckers are professionals. The homewreckers on purpose attempts to steal some Else’s lover away. Sometimes the homewrecker will even brag on Facebook, that they stole someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. The homewrecker FB pages applies to many. A serial homewrecker, dis attaches themselves from their morality, and lacks empathy by other people’s feelings. On YouTube, homewreckers show of their achievements.

The term home recker applied once to women. In the past, a homewrecker came from a younger woman who seduced a married man and wrecked the relationship. For example, in old episodes of Mad Men, you can watch examples of women being a homewrecker.


However, not Today, a homewrecker applies for both men and women. Today a home wrecker can come from a an office affair, office romance, or from an affair website.

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Reasons for the HomeWrecker

Reasons for the HomeWrecker

The main reason for a person becoming a home wrecker, they feel boredom. Their life is meaningless and they are looking for adventure. A home wrecker also has a low-self steam. They try to destroy a relationship, in order to feel better about themselves.



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I CHEATED: I’m a Home-Wrecker and I Don’t Know How to Stop- “I am the girl you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. Girls say my name with contempt, and my reputation precedes me so much that one look in my direction would send a group of women into whispers.

I have been a home-wrecker ever since I discovered the art of texting. A boy in my class would send flirty messages to me and I would flirt back, knowing full well that his girlfriend was in my bio class. I have been a home-wrecker ever since I discovered Skype and realized how a simple video chat could be so innocently intimate. I have been a home-wrecker ever since I graduated university and a fellow graduate’s boyfriend gave me — and only me — a teddy bear wearing a black mortarboard holding a rolled up certificate.” Read More

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Last year, 34 of the most-watched television shows in America were NFL games. Even the NFL draft had more eyeballs than the Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. The marriage between the NFL and TV networks has never been better.

But every marriage has challenges. One such challenge is an NFL home-wrecker called Aereo. Aereo says it’s just another technology company. It uses tiny little antennas to capture TV broadcasts from the airwaves of local stations. Aereo then streams those signals to its subscribers online. The subscribers pay $8-12 a month, a substantially lesser cost than cable companies.” Read More Roger Groves 6/19/14 Forbes.com