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Office Romance- Cheating Where You Work!

An office romance can be a beautiful thing; however, an office romance can be a train total office romance, office love, office dating, wreck. The main reason for an office romance is that it’s were we work. We can spend 8-12 hours at work, while the likely hood of an office romance is high. You are basically spending more time at work, than anywhere else. However, as the saying goes, “don’t pee in the company pool,” or ‘don’t dip your pen in the company pool.”

According to a 2014 Office Romance Survey conducted by,found nearly two in five (38 percent) U.S. workers have dated someone who worked for the same company, and 16 percent said they have done so more than once. Of those who dated someone from the office, nearly one-third (31 percent) ended up marrying their office sweetheart. Twenty percent of workers who dated someone at the office admitted that at least one person in the relationship was married at the time”

Office Romance

Sure an office romance can lead to marriage; however, as noted in the above Survey, “seven percent of workers who have dated a co-worker reported having to leave their jobs because their office romance soured.” Learn about infidelity sings.

Workplace Romance Problems

Workplace Romance Problems

You find that special someone at work. Hit it off. You go out to lunch with them, while office romance, office love, office dating, starting an office romance. The start of an office romance can be wonderful or just workplace romance problems.

The workplace romance problems can be in lower work production and lawsuits. An office romance can start off as being calm and friendly, but the dynamics of the workplace romance can interfere. The expectations within the office romance can change, while the emotions can drip into the workplace. The workplace relationship can fog decision making, promotions, and seriously damage the office morale. For both lovers, the consequences results getting fired. Just watch out for the home wrecker.

If one of office romance lovers feels betrayed, it spills into a sexual harassment lawsuit. If a supervisor gets involved with an underling, then a sexual harassment lawsuit is the result. A manager dating in the office can pose a high risk for the firm.

Office Romance

Signs of an Office Romance

Secret Signs of an Office Romance, while at work…

Signs of an office romance are everywhere and can be spotted. The first step is to take the office romance, office love, office dating, temperature of your workplace. In general how close do co-workers stand from each other, touch each other, and tone of voice. By getting a general dynamic of your work group, you will notice the outliers or the office bangers.

If you see co-workers touching each others arms or hands, and in closer proximity than normal. Then, an aura of attraction exists a minimum. While, longer eye-contact can be a huge clue to an office romance.

All employees are different, with different daily production levels. You want to look at the nonverbal communication from the supervisor. The office boss can show favoritism to some workers. The boss will show inconsistency in their dealing of people.

Office Romance

Articles on Office Romance

Articles on Office Romance

9 signs your employees are having an office romance- Managing and maintaining an office relationship takes a lot of energy, particularly if they’re trying to keep it a secret, office romance, office love, office dating, and especially if people have started gossiping about a potential love affair.

But as the boss, you really want to get to the bottom of the rumours. Well, now you can wonder no more. Here are a few tips to help you suss out their behaviour for tell-tale signs that completely give away the fact that they’re doing more than just working with each other.

Ed’s note: I met my fiancé at a previous job, so I know what I’m talking about, people.

1. They can’t look each other in the eye- All they used to do was joke around with each other, but now they’re all “Oh, hello Joyce. How are you today?”If the sudden formalities feel weird, it’s probably a good indication they are actually really familiar with each other. Read More in Global by

Canoodling by the copier? Stigma of office romance fading-Carrying on a romantic relationship with someone at the office used to be a target for gossip at best, a human office romance, office love, office dating, resources violation at worst. But that mentality is becoming as dated as the power suit.

Experts say the more-relaxed attitudes of millennials are exerting a greater influence on corporate culture, and the growing expectation of constant digital contact with the office has blurred the lines between professional and personal. People no longer see a problem with sharing commutes and coffee breaks along with chores and childcare. Read More Martha C. White

The do’s and don’ts of office romance- “Given the amount of time we spend at work, it is little wonder that many people find their passion and excitement in the office. One in three people has a romantic liaison with a colleague and 28 per cent of British working women say they have had sex in the workplace.” Read More by CHRISSY HARRIS,

The rules of office romances: whatever you do, don’t look down- “Picture the scene: you’re working for a growing company that has some of the best staff in the industry. The organisation could be the market leader within a year, which means you could be climbing the corporate ladder in no time.” Read More Chris Smith Friday 14 February 2014